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Group Fitness

Fall 2 Session

Oct 2 - Nov 19, 2022

7 weeks

January 4, 2021
First class in the new studio

Class Descriptions:

Boot Camp: mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training  This class is designed to push participants harder than they would push themselves while fostering self confidence and pride.  All levels welcome; previous conditioning is helpful but not required.

Core & More: 

Focus on muscle toning, recruitment, training, and strengthening abs, hips, back and midsection. Combination moves used for a comprehensive workout.  A strong core makes everything more powerful.  Appropriate for all levels

Yoga: This class is based on physical postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and movement, strength for a mind/body connection. All poses performed are similar to how we use our body in real life and will allow you to create a new awareness of natural alignment that keep you mindful of proper posture throughout your day.

Appropriate for all levels


Humble beginnings:  my first studio