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​What Is Bloomington United For Fitness (BUFF)?


Bloomington United For Fitness (BUFF) is a very personalized fitness studio. The mission is to help individuals develop a positive relationship with exercise by providing motivating, empowering, and fun workouts.  Our instructors are certified and experienced.  You will be engaged by their enthusiasm and motivated to transition to action.  With the small group setting at BUFF participants experience:


  • Personalized attention to maximize efficiency of time spent exercising

  • Supportive environment to build confidence

  • Quality fitness in a friendly atmosphere

  • Healthier state of mind and body

  • Fun and motivation

  • Community


All fitness levels are encouraged to participate.  The best workout is one that addresses your ability and inspires growth. 


​What form of exercise works best for you?


Bloomington United For Fitness (BUFF) offers a variety of exercise options for you to find the best fit.  All of our formats require no prior exercise knowledge or experience. 



Group Exercise (listed under "Classes")

Group exercise offers a social and fun community environment. Class size at BUFF does not exceed 10 participants. 


Personal Training (call or text 812/360-6532) 

Privately, your time is optimized with workouts catered specifically to you. Call for availability and pricing: 812/360-6532.


Small Group Training (semi private)

Small group training presents a great opportunity for people to experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a trainer while lowering the financial entry point. 


TUFF - Training Utilizing Furnished Facilities

Accommodate your group or personal schedule with instruction/workout delivered to you.  This could be workplace fitness for the whole staff or personal training. Workout space must meet criteria for safety.

 SOLO Wilderness First Responder training
Gainesville, FL
December 29, 2022


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